My Top 10 Most Useful iPhone Apps

In iphone on June 20, 2009 at 1:22 pm

I know this isn’t skepticism related, but I just thought I would share my top ten apps I use on my iPhone.

10. SmugWallet :: Sync SmugMug Photos and Videos – As a photographer, I use to hold the photos that I do semi-professionally. Smugwallet syncs these photos from smugmug to my iPhone so I can show them off to people quickly and easily. As a bonus, it also syncs videos to the phone.

9. Mobile Fotos • Flickr Browser & Uploader – Sure you could use the regular flickr mobile interface, but this is nicer. A great way to look at your flickr photos and your friends.

8. NetNewsWire – This may not be the best RSS reader for the iPhone, but it does one awesome thing. If you use NetNewsWire on the mac, it will SYNC your feeds to your phone from your mac automagically.

7. Tuner Internet Radio – This is a great streaming radio app. It will stream any kind of shoutcast or streaming mp3 stream. I use it for listening to our local public radio station, and

6. WordPress – If you use a blog running on wordpress, this is the perfect way to manage your posts and your comments while on the go. You can even post to your blog from this.

5. Tweetie – I’ve tried most of the Twitter apps for the iPhone, and I keep coming back to tweetie. It’s just really clean , fast and easy to use.

4. Facebook – Need I say anything else? The official facebook app is a pretty great way to access facebook on your iPhone

3. Fieldrunners – This game is addictive. It’s basically a tower defense game, you build towers of weapons in a field with the goal of keeping the enemies from reaching your gate on the other side.

2. Peggle – Peggle is the perfect game to have on your phone so you can play it while you are somewhere stuck waiting for something to happen.

1. BeejiveIM – Instant Messaging Anywhere – This app is expensive, but it is the KING of Instant Messaging on the iPhone. With Jabber, YAHOO, AIM, and even Facebook support, this can handle almost anything. And, if apple ever approves the 3.0 version of this app, we will get true push notifications of new IM messages. I’m pretty sure this would replace SMS for many people with iPhones.


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