Little Rock gets it’s own "Beware of Dogma" sign.

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Earlier today I received an email from the Arkansas Freethinker’s mailing list written by Lee Wood Thomas. 
It looks like our little burg of Little Rock, Arkansas has gotten one of the FFRF’s “Beware of Dogma” signs.

Reasons Greetings Everyone,
Lately I have not been emailing the group, but I thought this was worth the exception.
Earlier today I was interviewed by Fox 16 regarding our “Beware Of Dogma” billboard
that’s up now next to the Main Street bridge traveling from Little Rock’s River Market
heading into North Little Rock. The reporter told me that the story would run at 5:30 and
9pm tonight, Tuesday. I just saw the tail end of the 5:30 piece and it seemed as if
it was the lead story, which is great. I wanted to tip you all off in order that you may
tune in during the 9pm broadcast to catch it, or even set your DVR’s.
The official press release from the FFRF was issued today, which is officially HumanLight
and Festivus, I also issued the local press our own release stating our intentions for
erecting this billboard.
If you were unable to attend this last weekend’s HumanLight celebration but would like
to have your picture taken with others from this group, the FFRF has sent out postcards
announcing that we will gather (again) this coming Saturday at noon for another group
photo. We will gather in the US Bank parking lot at the foot of the main street bridge
in North Little Rock. It’s right in between where Main Street forks apart it’s north and
south bound traffic.

After a bit of searching, it looks like FOX16 has posted it on their website.


Story Here

Below are some links to other stories on the sign.

Arkansas News

Arkansas Times

  1. And you said you didn’t have a website 🙂 Don’t worry, I will keep this to myself (as an attorney, I embrace the concept of nondisclosed “privileged” information). However, it looks like you may not have read some of the better books on theism/Christianity, e.g., “Reasonable Faith” by William Lane Craig, “What’s So Great About Christianity” by Dinesh D’Souza, “Warranted Christian Belief” by Alvin Plantinga, etc. You also might check out Craig’s website, and D’Souza’s website,, where you can see their debates with atheists.


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