License Plate Redux

In atheism, church/state separation on May 22, 2008 at 2:29 pm

Oh no, more religious license plates.

This time it’s South Carolina, but the plate is going to look just like Florida’s old one.

Actually though, I don’t have a problem with this cross plate… as long as you allow any group who can get 400 orders to get a plate. Which means atheists in South Carolina ( I wonder if there are 400 of them ) should band together and order a plate with the scarlett A on it.

What bother me worse is Arkansas’s plate, which I’ve written about before.

It contains a picture of the Arkansas state capitol building with the slogan “In God We Trust” at the bottom. To me, this is more a violation of the first amendments establishment clause than one saying “I Believe”. After all the “I Believe” obviously refers to the person driving the car, not the state. While “In God We Trust” implies the collective state government of the people.

Follow the link below to read the whole story about South Carolina’s new license plates.

Cross could adorn state license plates


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